Dear family and friends,

Welcome to the Burger Abode! We have created this site for a multitude of reasons, all of which you will be informed of in a few minutes, hoping we retain your attention long enough to get you to that magical point!

We hope you find this blog informative. At this point we have a real need to dispurse large amounts of information to a vast number of people in an accurate and timely manner. Rita and I have recently discovered that this is a daunting task! What began as 5 outgoing cell phone calls quickly erupted to literally hundreds of unmanageable incoming calls, texts, and e-mails. We began questioning our correct relay of information - to who and when - and did I forget to tell this and that, and do I need to call back and etc... to the near pinnacle of insanity! Again, welcome to the Burger Abode! Where there is "no tellin' what's next!

Just a couple of quick notes: We realize that that we are unintentionally going to miss some folks on the first couple of publications of this blog. PLEASE DO NOT forward to them, but let us know via e-mail so we can add them to our distribution list. We just kinda want to know who all (if anyone) is keeping up with the Burger Abode! Also, there is a place at the bottom of this blog for comments and questions. Rita and I ask that you not utilize this function but address such issues to our email account burgerabodeupdate@sbcglobal.net
so they will be included in the next blog posting! Thank you in advance for your understanding in these matters!
Rita and John

Monday, November 23, 2009

Noverber 23, 2009

Hey Gang! Sorry it's been awhile. Everything around here is fine. Rita has been busier that a 1 legged man in a butt kicking contest, and I have too! Rita has been in town for the last 2 weeks and I have been working (yes, like on the job).

Rita finished the new store in San Antonio and she says it is doing great. She was real stressed during this store and we are glad it is completed. I have been telecommuting from the house and laboring as many hours as I can fit in. Much to my chagrin; appointments and tests require a majority of my days. I have also been going to weekday Mass anytime my schedule allows.

If you have not physically visited the Burger Abode lately, Ike along with 40 years of age, changed our backyard dramaticly. Along with destroying 4 trees, he demolished our fence. I did not insert the photos in any particular order, so let's play "Can You Guess The New From The Old" game. Rita and I are very happy with the results.

We have also been cooking for 2 weekends to prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. I believe we are ready. I tried to get out of frying turkeys this year. Rita explained in the most loving, calm voiced, life threatening manner possible that not frying turkeys WAS NOT AN OPTION I WANTED TO DEAL WITH. Of course, since I only have 1/2 of a brain, I explained to Rita that I must have not been thinking with the other 1/2. Regardless, this weekend I fried 5 turkeys. I had help and thank you for your generosity. Dad helped too. I have to mention him because at 90 years old he hasn't quite gripped the whole Internet thing much less following a blog.

We also had help with the "Broccoli, Rice and Cheese", "My Mom's Dressing", "Rita's Mom's Dressing". "Turnips", "Rita's Mom's Meatballs", and all the prep work required for all of the afore mentioned. Again thanks for all the help. I know I am forgetting something but... I only got 1/2 a brain! That's my excuse and I'm going to ride that pony till it peters out!

Rita has to work Friday and will not get a chance to play cheerleader for U.T. Justin is coming in from FL and I hope to get his help with a few things around here.

Thanks to all for the greens recipes and your responses! I got the recipes but I ain't got the greens. I think I'll eat the recipes and ask the dietitian if that counts.

I'm sure I am missing something I wanted to share, but that 1/2 brain thing is kicking in. If I remember something It will give you something to loose sleep over for the next week!

From the Burger Abode to your Home, Castle, Cave, Manson, House, or whatever you call it; we pray that everyone has a safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

Wow, what an exciting week! NO, I really mean it!!!

Monday I had a full body PET scan. It's some kind of scan that makes cancer show up bright yellow. I had several spots throughout my body that the oncologist was concerned about other than the one on my lung they already know about. ALL of the suspected spots results came back NEGATIVE!!! I think that's good news! I also had an appointment with my oncologist the same day. She already had the report of the scan and relayed the findings to me. This outcome has also made her reconsider my future treatments. She is going to correspond with some of her cronies at the M. D. Anderson "Main Campus" to determine whether she can get more aggressive with the one spot in question.

Wednesday evening my neurologist's nurse called and awarded me with the return of my driving privileges! WOW!

Thursday I was put back on the payroll of the greatest coffee company in the world, Community Coffee! I am on a part time to as much as I can work-from-home basis which I am THRILLED about! I started work that day. Do you realize how much time is required to go through almost 2 months of "Inbox"? That was pretty much Thursday. I began meaningful labor Friday. Please show your thank you to the company by purchasing vast amounts of Community Coffee. DON'T DO IT YET. I will let you know when I get back on the bonus program, and you can make your abnormal purchases then!

Friday I got a surprise present of a new cap from a friend of 20 or so years. Unfortunately I was not home but out at a "soon to open" Kroger store. We did get together for a lengthy telephone visit. Thanks Lynn! Please see the attached photo.

Rita's childhood friend (since 3rd grade) and her significant other from Oklahoma City came to town and spent the weekend with us. It was great! We sat around, told lies, picked on each other, played Wii, and just played "catch up" on our lives. That's our photo attached sitting under our soon to be (probably 20 years or so) shade tree. Pictured are Nanette & Ty, and Rita & some goofy guy. As most of you know we used to have parties under 3 shade trees in the backyard until "Ike" came through and decided 1 of 2 things. Either "Ike" was upset about us having parties or "Ike" didn't like our shade. Anyway we are going to have our parties back under our new shade tree. Please mark your calendar for this date 20 years from now!!!
The result of the "Greens" cookoff really suprised me. I got a response from Cousin Shirley last week and one from Cousin Patty today. I figured with all the Hillbilly friends we've got, the response would be greater! I guess you feel the same way about them that I do! I did get questioned if squash (including zucchinni) or other types of geen vegetables were considered "greens". Unfortunately no as they are not green enough. I think I will use that line next time I run into a Martian! "Hey Dude, you can't be a Martian. you're not green enough!" I'll look for more recipies before the next posting of the Burger Abode!
Rita was out of town all week and is going back to San Antonio tomorrow. I guess I need to re-schedule the dancing girls! I miss her a lot, but at least now I have work to help me through the long days.
Until next time, remember Paul Harvey and...Good Day!